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Mission Statement,Policies & Procedures

Delvin Youthreach - Our Ethos

To provide an enjoyable, positive and safe learning environment within a culture of respect and encouragement, supporting each student’s academic and social development.


AIM 1:

To create and maintain an en joyable, positive and safe learning environment


  • Provide a safe, warm, welcoming and clean building
  • Foster an environment that promotes learning and wellbeing
  • Abide by the Child Safeguarding Statement and other relevant legislation
  • Adhere to Health and Safety legislation and all LWETB and Centre policies and procedures
  • Encourage a sense of personal responsibility through effective communication and implementation of all relevant policies

AIM 2:

To provide certified and non-certified programmes


  • Set realistic goals at induction so all students can experience success
  • Deliver certification based on the needs of the individual student on an ongoing basis
  • Deliver non-certified programmes in line with student needs
  • Devise and implement a vibrant and engaging summer programme

AIM 3:

To support the progression of students to employment and/or further education and training


  • Present learning as a positive and productive experience and promote lifelong learning
  • Guidance is timetabled for all students
  • Provide students with access to one-to-one Guidance
  • Provide students with access to Youth Advocacy Worker
  • Establish and maintain links with employers to facilitate work placements

AIM 4:

To provide a broad range of supports to meet the Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) needs of students


  • Access the LLN levels of all students upon entry and as required throughout their time in the centre
  • Provide small group LLN sessions in line with centre resources
  • Staff to integrate LLN throughout all aspects of the programme, assisted by DYR Literacy Support Pack

AIM 5:

To promote the personal and social development of students


  • Continually address the holistic needs of all students through SPHE and personal development modules
  • Promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle
  • Provide students with access to counselling
  • Liaise with external agencies on behalf of students as required
  • Encourage positive mental health, acknowledge individuality and embrace student potential through curriculum provision and all centre interactions

AIM 6:

Staff adopt a collaborate approach to fulfil the mission statement in a dignified and mutually respectful manner


  • Staff have the opportunity to contribute to the development of the centre through participation in staff meetings, CEIP and CPD
  • Promote the sharing of best practice and knowledge between the staff team
  • Staff support each other through information sharing while adhering to General Data Protection Regulations