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Tracey Anderson

Word Tree

This is our word tree of quotes and words that have meaning and value to us, the students in Delvin Youthreach. Lynda, our teacher, asked us to think about quotes that meant something to us and that would be encouraging. We spent a lot of time planning, sketching, painting, laminating, cutting, rearranging and designing this word tree. We hit quite a few bumps along the way but we preserved and never gave up with Lynda guiding us but we were always in charge. Hopefully our word tree will inspire us on days when we need inspiring and remind us to never give up and enjoy every day.

We decided to put the name of previous and present students of Delvin Youthreach on the word tree to show that it was a team effort and that every student played their part on making this tree the best it could be. Everyone had a quote that they valued and meant something to them and they decided they want to share it with everyone to inspire the people around them.

The quote on the tree that I really like is ?Good things take time?. This quote is inspirational and I love the message it gives to people that good things take time and if you?re looking for something great, it will take time but will happen one day.  


Those working towards their QQI Level 4 at present will have the Painting Level 4 module completed by May for assessment. I like to design the module with the student?s interests and their ability levels in mind. I realise that some learners will have a natural ability and some will find it harder so I break things down to make them as accessible as possible. Learners are required to submit 8-10 mounted, finished pieces with relevant support work and written work. Sounds easy! What could possibly go wrong?

Introduction to Colour Studies

We start the year learning a bit about paint and colour, completing straightforward tasks in colour studies.

Pop Art

This leads on to a Pop Art project where the students research Pop Art and attempt to recreate work by a Pop Artist of their choice. This colourful exercise usually yields impressive results. My aim here is to build trust and confidence. There is written work to be completed, based on the Pop Art movement We then jump back in time to Pre-historic Cave Paintings. We do our research and attempt some cave paintings. We texture cardboard with glue and sand, giving an earthy, rocky look and then try our hand at some authentic cave painting. This is accompanied by worksheets to be submitted. Another historical art journey brings us to Australia and Dot Painting. Students always seem to enjoy this as it is different to what they have previously done and it has almost instant results.

Spray Painting

If I haven?t managed to get them on side after Spray Painting I should just resign. They love it. We print images (some will draw their own) on A3 and make paper stencils. On a dry day, we bring spray paint and protective masks, gloves and clothing outside and get creative with the sprays. The results are always great and most learners want to do more and more. The process involved here works really well for the Health and Safety section of the module.

Tonal Studies and Portraits

We are presently working on tonal studies and portraits that are a bit trickier but I?m hoping that trust and confidence has been gained so we can get the most out of this section too. All along we keep all research materials, thumb nail sketches, drawings and drafts to by compiled into their individual sketchbooks for the end of the year. Towards the latter part of the year we will be doing 3D mask making, and Identity Project, Watercolours, Anti Bullying poster design, Acrylic Pouring and, more than likely, more Spray Art.


That should keep us busy




Careers Events

Each year we invite guest speakers to talk to students about possible courses and career opportunities. Mullingar Community College representatives outlined the various PLC courses that could be available to students.

As part of supporting students with progression, we also organised a visit to Athlone Training Centre on the 13th April. The students got a tour of the building and were given a presentation on the various courses available at the centre.


LWETB?s first Mathlete took place in Ballymahon Youthreach on February 8th. Four students from each of the LWETB centres took part in the Mathlete which was an innovative way to encourage students to engage maths through a challenging and fun competition. We didnt win this year however we have high hopes for next year !!!!

Easter Closure

Centre will close from Thursday 24th of March and reopen its office Wednesday 30th March. Students and part-time staff return to classes as normal on Monday 4th of April.

Enjoy your break guys.
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