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Seasons a poem


The fresh smell of buds blossoming, shooting out beautiful flowers for us all to enjoy.
The birds are singing their humble songs, while the bright coloured bumble bees buzz all around.

The cool mornings with the suns bright light peeping through the curtains.
On those hot days that have a clear blue sky, it makes everything better when you feel gloomy and dry.
The children out playing with laughter and joy, playing together with every toy.

Leaves blowing from the branches of every tree, the crunch of the dead brown leaves under your feet.
The evenings get shorter and the days get darker, everyone?s inside where its cosy and warmer.
All getting ready for the month ahead which we all call winter.

Some days it?s dull and nothing to do, when the rain falls down above you.
Other days it?s white and full of snow, the holiday of Christmas is soon to go. Everyone?s merry and glad.
This is the last season of the year, but there is plenty more to be had.

By Michelle Carroll